Kids weighted blanket

What weight of weighted blanket should I get?

For the best results, get a blanket 7-12% of your body weight.

Do not use on young kids under 3 years old or anyone who is unable to move the blanket by themselves. If you are seeing an occupational therapist, seek their recommendation. If you are getting a larger blanket, sometimes you need to add a 2-3lbs extra on.

Weighted blankets should be purchased to fit the size of the BODY and not the BED.

Also the blankets are made so that they will NOT hang over the edges of your bed AT ALL. If they hang over, the weight will slowly pull the blanket off of your bed and instead of getting the rest that you need you will spend your night pulling that blanket up on the bed over and over and over.

Can the weighted blanket be shared between couples at night?

The weighted blanket is designed to aid good sleep. Sharing with a partner tends to disturb sleep due to different body temperatures and sleeping patterns. Also it is rare that body weights are the same. Both people generally require a different weighted blanket.

If you do share a bed and both want one, we have found better sleep results with each getting your own weighted blanket with a weight designed for you. If you both compromise and get one in between, neither of you will get the benefits at all.

What is inside the weighted blanket that makes it heavy?

We opted for glass beads which are finely ground and have the texture of sand. They are smooth and do not make loud noises when you roll over like the plastic pellets in other brands. The glass beads are safe and non-toxic.

Some companies choose plastic poly pellets(High Density Plastic Pellets are manufactured using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). These pellets are noisy, they have the texture of tiny pebbles which you can feel. This disturbs some people. Also because they are less heavy there is more volume required to achieve the same weight.