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Fun Sensory Notebooks For Kids (& Adults!)

The 3 caps are different sizes- please check the details!

Grab this unique hip hop baseball cap for children that matches your attitude and personality.
Kids, teenagers and adults especially those who love lego and bricky block designs will adore these baseball cap.
These caps also appeals to cyclists, triathletes, mountain bikers, skaters, snowboarders and anyone who loves having fun
Do not be the same as everyone else. Make a statement with your unique baseball hat.

These unique 3D building block baseball caps define you as a fashion leader in streetwear, hip hop, urban and high quality style.
The existing building blocks are compatible with mini bricky blocks and can be removed and the design changed. 
The front brim of the fashion baseball cap is compatible with lego pieces. Fashion and style collide!

Anyone on the Autism spectrum loves being creative.

Create your own one of a kind design. Adjustable snapback hat.

Perfect for creating your own one-of-a-kind wearable design. 

Flat bill design, this baseball hat for men, women and kids is comfortable and stylish.


GREY cap: Larger size and will fit both teens and adults with head circumference approx. 21-23 in

BLUE Smaller size and is more suitable to kids 10 years and above to teenage with head circumference 19-21 in

BLACK cap Smallest size Great for kids aged 5-10yrs with head circumference 18-20in

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