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autism gifts

Start kids writing their ideas or stories in their own writing journal.
They will be the coolest kid in class with this notebook for sure
Inspire them to start writing in their A5 notepad at back to school time. 
Nothing is better than a cool exercise book that kids actually want to use

This A5 writing pad is also fantastic for adults to slip into your handbag, briefcase for when inspiration strikes. 

Capture your thoughts instantly in this A5 notebook and let your genius shine through.

This A5 notebook soon becomes a talking point in the boardroom & the office. Get Noticed! 

Any writer's block can be cured by playing with the silicone clips.

The silicone clips are removable and can be placed anywhere on the cover or used to close the book.

These bright colors light up the brain and lifts your mood.

This A5 notebook journals are beloved by anyone who loves lego 

It is much easier to be inspired when you are feeling happy.

When your A5 book is full, easily replace with a new A5 notebook but keep the fun soft silicone cover.

A5 Fun Sensory Notebooks For Kids (& Adults!)

Lined paper, Refillable Notebooks

A5 £9.99, A5 twin pack £16.99

A5 Fun Sensory Notebooks For Kids (& Adults!)

Lined paper, Refillable Notebooks

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